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PrabhurajI love to talk about myself, may be an egotist but most of the time misunderstood as an egoist.. [Recently some one coined a new word self centic!] Well It seems that you are interested to listen! No... just close it...

I am Prabhuraj Moogi, freinds call me Prabhu, Prabs, Prab, Praphu, Moogi and even Khan!. You can as well choose from the list or can even add to it. Born and brought up in Bailhongal a small town in Belagavi [Belgaum] district of Karnataka and studied in my home town up to 10th, for PU went to Dharwad, a very cool and calm city. I completed my engineering in Basavakalyan, a historical town of Bidar. Landed up in a city I loved most since from my child hood; Bengalooru [Bangalore] for my career, struggled a lot for job as a fresher, did a course in .Net technology and worked in Asterysk - a web development company for a year. I was with BearingPoint - a management and technology consulting company for more than three years, with an acquisition moved to GDC India Pvt Ltd - A PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Company. I am currently working in Ness Technologies an IT services company as Senior Software Engineer. In short, I am in the pursuit of Happi"Ness"... Wooo! long journey, isn't it...

I stay with my friends, enjoying bachelor's life, dare to visit my room! I have hobby of writing four liners, blogging, reading [oops! boring guy isn't it?], browsing, orkutting, watching movies, bathroom singing [ask my neighbours] etc etc.. Creative works are my passion, My grand father was a great artist, have lots of collection of his works at my home, dad is adding several of his creations to it, May be this has come from the blood to me also, why should I be left behind right?.

Mom, Dad and a younger sis is my family.. Dad works in bank, Mom housewife, Sis studying engineering. I love my family a lot, Ofcourse every one do. Dad is like a best friend to me, if we both sit together then we could end up talking for hours, everything from politics to house matters. Mom, always behind my meals menu, she understands me a lot, I have never felt we have a generation gap. They have given me a lot of freedom, I am very thankful to them. Sis is very simple n straight forward, We hardly fought with each other it seems, however we keep pulling each others leg always, She wins, It's very hard to beat her in words,but I still enjoy eventhough I loose.

There is lot to say, keep watching let me update it...

Yours Prabhuraj Moogi


telprabhu is a personal website of Prabhuraj Moogi. He created it to post some of his writings and create his presence in the net. It was the time since he started learning the web technologies, He kept trying to put something on the web. He started with a basic html website when he was new bee to the web technologies. He learnt a lot and now although there is no end to it, he felt he can do something, and the result is what you are browsing..

Lets listen what he says... about his site
The origin of the name takes me back several years, I had just started off with my engineering. New friends, new place, new dreams and lots of fun. I just wanted to create a mail id, and thought it has to be some thing special. Search started, several suggestions, lot of choices at the end being in telecom stream, I came up with an Id telprabhu and thats It!

So, Just go on clicking.. there is a lot to see.. Found something interesting, suggestion or wanna critisize anything, Do write to me here and don't forget to give your email id, let me revert back to you. If there is some thing personal, very personal, ya I mean it, then shoot out a mail to me at I will surely reply to you...

nothing but creativity...   nothing but creativity...   nothing but creativity...  
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